Friday, March 30, 2012

Hai(r)story over time!

Boys are the reason behind each & every time...
While working for State Farm Ins sometime in 06? Friend dyed it in her bathroom & resulted in dalmation dye spots, recolored it myself the next night before going to see the then boyfriend at his hunt camp...

My first dye job back, TOTALLY hung over...

2nd Dye Job in Pensacola, late 2008/early 2009

Wasn't dark enough the first time. I redid it on my own....(a day or two later)

Thought this re-dye was the best at the time! Done in Mar? 2009? Didn't last long that time.

After the intent to divorce was announced, I went from this...

To this! March 2010?

Pissed off at "the man" during pregnancy...Oct 30th, 2011

And made it look like this thanks to a box of Garnier! (Caramel Chocolate....)

Let's let this be the last drastic move? Shall we?? A $9 box of dye costs $100-150 once I come back to my senses...March 30th, 2012.


  1. I'm sure you'll do it again, but I sure do agree that being blonde suits you... (p.s. you're rockin' some serious boobage these days, and I'm pretty jealous that they were free)

  2. Maybe next time I'll be smart enough to make it temporary dye or something...or, just "don't"! LOL but you're probably right. I just need to NOT ever cut it short again, I don't have the patience to wait after I regret THAT move!
    Aren't the boobs amazing?! LOL Baby boobs, whoop-whoop!

  3. Um yeah, temp would be a good idea.... I get frustrated with growing my hair out too, but I have a feeling I'll do it again some day too.

    LOL @ the Baby boobs... rock 'em girl!!!!