Friday, March 30, 2012

Hai(r)story over time!

Boys are the reason behind each & every time...
While working for State Farm Ins sometime in 06? Friend dyed it in her bathroom & resulted in dalmation dye spots, recolored it myself the next night before going to see the then boyfriend at his hunt camp...

My first dye job back, TOTALLY hung over...

2nd Dye Job in Pensacola, late 2008/early 2009

Wasn't dark enough the first time. I redid it on my own....(a day or two later)

Thought this re-dye was the best at the time! Done in Mar? 2009? Didn't last long that time.

After the intent to divorce was announced, I went from this...

To this! March 2010?

Pissed off at "the man" during pregnancy...Oct 30th, 2011

And made it look like this thanks to a box of Garnier! (Caramel Chocolate....)

Let's let this be the last drastic move? Shall we?? A $9 box of dye costs $100-150 once I come back to my senses...March 30th, 2012.


I can't decide what my favorite is of my favorites!

When he gets hiccups and rests his chubby chin & cheeks on my shoulder and lets his little head roll around with each 'squeak'...
When I change his diaper and he smiles his biggest smiles and coo's so sweetly...(& kicks to high heaven, I can't help but laugh and he smiles even more!)
When he stands up tall on his little feet and holds his head up holding only my fingers to support himself! (It's adorable, really, I mean he's not yet 3 months old!)

When he nurses to sleep (yup, in ma bed!) and holds my finger (or my bra) tightly as he falls asleep...

Just watching him sleep. Such an angel!
Even better, when I pick him up while he's sleeping and he does the super man stretch right before collapsing back down on my shoulder and burrowing so sweetly!

My whole world is ruled by a mere 14 pounds of heaven sent little boy!
*Jared & His Grandma*

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Some days....

I just can't handle the results of the choices I make. Today started off wonderfully and the further into the day it got, the further I wanted to bury my head in the sand. Everything started careening down hill at about noon at work. Then I got home and Gracie actually jumped up onto the workbench in my garage to eat cat food. She'll be sleeping outside tonight to deposit any of her stomach contents any where but my kitchen floor. The icing on the cake was when my horses decided they wanted to become Alpo kibble. I gave them the opportunity to run into the barn loose again. I'm a glutton for punishment. I've told myself a million times, atleast, never to let Dutch run loose again. He made it probably close to a mile down the road (almost to the rifle range), Gunny following the WHOLE time. Gunny I managed to catch, and Dutch ran circles around me the whole time I walked his little brother back to the barn. A less than knowledgeable, but trying to be helpful PMO car(police) followed my escaping horses and turned his reds and blues on. I screamed at him until he rolled his window down and I then asked him to turn the lights off. Duh-huh. I don't ever want to feed them again. I was livid. Dutch's a$$ is going in the round pen tomorrow...
I came home from the barn and just lost it. I squeezed my little man until he bopped me in the nose in protest. I don't know how I ever lived this life without him.

Flirting with his momma after an afternoon snack!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

P.S. Adorable Baby J Photos

Facebook to be replaced by Blogging?, did I ever do a great job posting pregnanct updates. HA! Facebook has been annoying me recently, so I thought I'd try blogging again, maybe I can find more peeps to get to read this that aren't Facebooker's!

As the world knows(what, not everyone was informed?!), Jared was born a week or so late on January 4th by an induction turned C-section. Little big head had the cord against his temple, no bueno for pushing, and his head was apparently too big to fit...if you know what I mean! There's no way to catch up everything that's happened in almost the 3 months since he was born, BUT some highlights:

His momma went Vegan! (Hey, had to throw it in there, I'm proud of me for doing so)
He was born Wednesday at 11:42 pm, 9 lbs 3.3 oz & 22 inches! We left the hospital, Sat, with him weighing 8 lbs 6 oz and stayed that way until his Monday morning appointment with the pediatrician. I forget all the numbers in between now and then, but his two month check up he was 24" long and weighed 13.7 lbs. 98%th percentile for his age group! His two month appointment was the first at the Naval Clinic on base, the Corpsman are doofuses but the P.A. was pretty cool.
He met his Uncles, Stephen & Shane, and met Cat, Caeden & Brennie too! Caeden shared his 'gum-gum's with Jared...(Shane's still holding his pictures hostage- wait, I think there were pictures...?)

We're adjusting to daycare, but it was pretty traumatic for me in the beginning. I hated going back to work, but I have been lucky to ease back into it as my squadron went to Vegas for 5 weeks shortly after I returned. So I still technically haven't started working on the jets again. This has been SO beneficial for allowing me to figure out a pumping schedule without really being pressured.
Grandma has been here to see him a couple times since the beginning where she got to introduce him to me in the operating room. Just this weekend, March 22-24, Grandma & Great Grandma were here to visit!
This is all for today's update! I should be more consistant about posts now if I really stay off of Facebook...and it looks like it may be necessary over the next several months. Hmph.

Anywho, til...the next post! :D