Friday, March 30, 2012


I can't decide what my favorite is of my favorites!

When he gets hiccups and rests his chubby chin & cheeks on my shoulder and lets his little head roll around with each 'squeak'...
When I change his diaper and he smiles his biggest smiles and coo's so sweetly...(& kicks to high heaven, I can't help but laugh and he smiles even more!)
When he stands up tall on his little feet and holds his head up holding only my fingers to support himself! (It's adorable, really, I mean he's not yet 3 months old!)

When he nurses to sleep (yup, in ma bed!) and holds my finger (or my bra) tightly as he falls asleep...

Just watching him sleep. Such an angel!
Even better, when I pick him up while he's sleeping and he does the super man stretch right before collapsing back down on my shoulder and burrowing so sweetly!

My whole world is ruled by a mere 14 pounds of heaven sent little boy!
*Jared & His Grandma*

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