Friday, April 6, 2012

Kittens. The Animal Lover Fail?

New dog bed? No. New CAT bed.
Roughly translated to: Let me in.

'Dis room is mine? Yes? Mattress pweez.
Personal Favorite - Gracie chasing Peaches after she came down...they're buddies. No harm done!

Saturday, March 31st, was seemingly uneventful. Yes, I was pretty sure my adopted cat was preggers, I had no idea their gestation only took 61 days or so... When Saturday morning I heard my momma kitty, Peaches, meowing her lungs out, I went out to my garage. (Long haired cat + infant = mostly outdoor cat unless it's freezing out) I find Peaches DRENCHED. Totally soaked, now I know she loves the water, butttt, this is still strange. This is where the panic begins. I see her walk away from me with a bloody backside. Crap. Kittens. No wonder she's distressed, she needs human assistance, like thumbs and such....
This is my "please help" face...
I mirrored Momma Kitty's panic and ran a few circles around the garage hoping to find nice dry kittens. ::sigh:: No such luck.
I ran back in the house and found my MC issued waterproof Gortex jacket and slipped on some flip flops (rain boots? Huh wha? Uhm. No.). I started combing my back yard while it was POURING cats & dogs...oh the irony... The rain was thumping down on my hood and I couldn't hear a damn thing aside from Peaches' frantic cries. As soon as I pulled my hood down I heard the mews. :(
The back of my house between my A/C unit and the back porch...where the water was pooling in a deep puddle, I see a tangle of teeny tiny bodies, entwined in a stick, crying their tiny little heads off. I grabbed them, counting 4, and took them into the garage onto an old comforter (never to be used by humans again) that had recently been dog & cat'ified in the garage while waiting to be washed. I was trying to towel dry them when I realized there was a problem. One of the kittens was being paralyzed by the stick and umbilical cords. I chopped/snipped what I could as quickly as I could, but the damage was done.
Yes, there's 5 here. Hold on.
While I was drying the kittens, Momma's still meowing and I walked out long enough to hear another meow. One more check outside and found little gray fluff ball crawling through the leaves and weeds escaping the scene. Snatched the little fuzzy and piled him/her? in with the siblings!
I was worried at first because Peaches wouldn't settle down with them and let them nurse in the garage. She kept following me around everytime I went inside for more supplies. So I stashed her and the kittens in MY 1/2 bath in my bedroom. They were eating, she seemed happy and non destructive to my toiletries and hair stuffs.
Sunday morning I checked on everyone before heading to Jacksonville. They all seemed great except the parapalegic. :( Not name calling, but you can tell which one he is in the picture. By the time I got home, it was gone. Totally disappeared from the box. I took out all towels and paper. Nothing. Nada. Peaches ate her dead young. Blehck. Wretch. Gag. Monday morning there was hell to pay in the event of a poo-flinging contest won by Peaches. I guess raw meat doesn't fair to well with her system.
Adorableness :/

Wednesday proved to be a bad day in that the other black one was cold and stiff before I left for work, and the orange one wasn't looking to healthy either. I took out the other black one so to avoid any more belly aches(snacks), and by the time I got home from work that afternoon, the orange kitten had passed too.
We're down to a calico and a gray. They seem to be thriving. Full bellies, no distressed meowing. But, only time will tell.
I felt that if I had taken them to the vet, I would have been saddled with a ginormous vet bill with  probably the same results. When they're older I will be taking all 3 (assuming the other two make it) and getting them fixed at a discount spay/neuter clinic. It's MY fault for not having gotten Peaches fixed when I first took her in. As much as I preach spaying/neutering, I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't take care of the result of my negligence!

Jared was thankfully patient through the original ordeal. He was kicking under his jungle gym and only started fussing an hour or so after the first meow, when I was lingering over the kittens settling in in the bathroom!

I think they shall have Hunger Games name's. As that's what I read all last week. Today 4/6:

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