Saturday, January 12, 2013

Guess Missy's updates will go here!

::Sigh:: Missy's "page" isn't working like I wanted it to, I think I have to make posts here. I can't update her tab! Grrr....any blog experts with advice?

Anywho! Missy is very quickly overcoming her timid ways and in turn is totally turning into a puppy! We had a "negative" experience when my boyfriend went to direct her to her food bowl (she and Gracie lose their minds when it's feeding time. Their bowls look the same but are in different corners of the kitchen, some how they still insist on running back and forth between bowls!) she popped a squat, peed all over the floor, sat down in it and started wagging her tail at him! He's patient, didn't yell at her or anything, just continued directing her to her dish... He let her eat and then he gave her a bath, so she's a fresh & clean Miss Miss now! My son went up to say hello to her in the tub, she was more than willing to beg him for an escape route! She's doing great with him! Zero aggression under any circumstances (with people)!

She has tried jumping up & putting paws on the counter tops and tables. She has zero fear when I yell at her to get down. Choosing instead to peek over her shoulder, take one more lick and THEN jump down! It's hard to be mad at her....they were dirty dishes anyway! :D

What else? The night she made a mess in the kitchen I was going to work with her on the leash, but bath time took over, so we will be working on that soon. She still turns into a dead weight, I'm hoping that walking her with Cato will help. He's fantastic on and off the leash and won't leave my side.

This is my son running around beating on kitchen utensils/pots/pans... Poor Missy couldn't get away from him fast enough thanks to the island! She never touched him, just scooted like a squirrel up a tree! She's so cute!

Her breath is improving finally too- thank heavens. With her mouth open, it smelled like something died in her stomach. It was AWWWWFUL(even from across the room!)! She's on Blue Diamond Lamb & Rice, I'll get her on puppy soon, but that's what my dogs were on, so I figured that was better than the $8/40lb Walmart special... She also loves the parsley chews sticks, those are helping!

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