Friday, June 24, 2011

Finding out about my Christmas Present!

So now that the beans have been spilled on Facebook, I suppose this is a blog worthy topic. Even though most readers are already on FB! ;)

Starting way back, back, back....I miscarried in November, at 6 weeks(guesstimate, no idea). That was most definitely a surprise, but still a huge disappointment to lose.

The boyfriend and I talked about things after that, and I scheduled an appointment with the base Naval clinic, to see a fertility specialist. Mr. Specialist only came up from Jacksonville, NC once a month... So I very impatiently waited a month to see him. A count down widget on my phone and everything!

April 12th, 2011 was my appointment. The nurse(corpsman) did the usual blood pressure, alcohol/tobacco questions, and then of course, a whiz quiz just in case. I obliged, waited and then was shewed into a waiting room to wait for Dr. Specialist. As the corpsman took me to my room I asked her, "What did it come back?"....and she told me negative. Well okay then!

Not 2 minutes later the long awaited doctor walks in and after short introductions says: "Your corpsman lied to you."
I'm quickly confused, as I think of the staff as nurses. The only corpsman I know is my squadron corpsman Doc Lewis, who I haven't talked to for weeks.
The kind doctor explained: "You're pregnant. I guess you'll have no reason to be seeing me" and shewed me out (with some tissues) to see the OB referral officer!

So there's how I discovered this wonderful little miracle. Completely caught off guard! I have no ability to keep secrets and sent a text to "Daddy", telling him the appointment was a waste. Normally the naval doctors are unsympathetic, rude & just plain heartless. Boyfriend promptly starts apologizing and asked what happened, my response was to thank him for the Christmas present!

Now, 13 weeks along.
In case you're wondering, most of the time I'm doing just fine. Every now and again I'll get a wave of nausea... But mostly just peachy. I'm enjoying the bigger boobs (what?! I am!), and I'm regularly employing the hairband button trick on my normal jeans. 5's are still comfortably buttoned though! ;)

My days of 123-125ish lbs. are now 129-132ish lbs. 131 as of yesterday, June 23rd when I heard my little shrimp's 150bpm heart beat!

I got an ultrasound back on May 23rd, and my little gummi-bear did the cutest little shimmy-twitch while "he" was on camera! Here's one image of 3!

July 21st is my next scheduled appointment to see if I'm right about picking blue, or if Grandma is right about picking pink!

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