Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Emails & Facebook are lovely and all, but sometimes I forget who I told what, or I have too much to post to one Facebook status, and so I thought I'd start one of these things and maybe reduce all my other internet-dumping techniques! Plus, my bestie Amy has the CUTEST blog in the world, so I'll be hassling her for tips & techniques!

I'm currently sitting in an Army MWR(Morale, Welfare &....recreation maybe?) with (Thank the Heavens) free internet, bored of Facebook & Farmville and contemplating writing back to my emails from the Fam that seem to be piling up!

At this moment though, I think I'll do neither, as the chow hall closes in 40 minutes and I have the ever-so-enjoyable chore to do tonight, of handwashing all my laundry!

So at this time, this is just a welcome! Afghansitan manages to keep me busy, though not entertained!

Until next time....(by that I mean a few hours from now when my insomnia kicks in....)

1 comment:

  1. SO excited to have another way to keep up with your busy life.. :)