Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Current Events

Big things happening right now! Okay, at least in the works, ya know how that goes!

Training to run my first 1/2 Marathon. 13.1 miles on Sept 4th! Eeek! It's a free event sponsored out here in Afghani-land, so I figured I'd give it a try! I haven't run further than 9 miles yet, but I know I can finish it, running's all mental anyway (or so I tell my knees and ankles when they start aching! =) I think in the past 2 weeks I've run close to 30 miles total, 5 here & there, 7 1/2 to see if I can, 8 accidentally, and then a crazy, intentional 9 miles. ::gasp:: Must be something in the water...

Working on obtaining my CDI qualification. [Collateral Duty Inspector] A big to-do in my line of work, involves expert knowledge of my job, lots of tests & interviews with head-honcho officers, and means I'm no longer a worker required to lug around a tool box, my minions would do it for me! That's reason enough for me right there! Really it enables you to sign off completed work, and you have the authority to look it over and say whether it was done correctly, as well as knowing how to fix all our jets issues, and believe me, that old thing has plenty!!! I'm progressing, but not nearly where I should be for as long as I've been in the fleet!

Finally, for-real, for-real, starting college.... It's online college, which I kinda didn't want to do, but I need to start somewhere! I'm going to AMU - the American Military University. My first class is an Introduction to Online Learning, or something like that. It starts Sept 6th...not too far after that 1/2 marathon. Hmmm....  Books are included in the tuition which is convenient since I'm paying for it with USMC provided Tuition Assistance! I've signed up for an Associates in Early Childhood Care & Development. Just because...I don't know if I'll continue my Bachelors in the same field or go for something else entirely. I just have to get my degree to become a commissioned officer, and that's just what I plan to do!

Those three alone require lots of studying and/or training. All I know is that these things help to pass the time! I've already made it 4 months, about 75 days left! I can't wait! =)

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